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7 Easy Ways To Avoid The Weed Munchies When You Are High

Do you love to be high on weed? We know that it’s one of the best ways to relax and enjoy yourself after a hectic day. But what happens when you get this uncontrollable urge while being high to eat everything in sight? Many people experience it, commonly known as “the weed munchies.” Weed machines […]

How To Recover From A Weed Hangover?

Many people prefer to spend the weekend on a night out with friends or have some well-deserved alone time.  Fun with friends leads to smoking and weed at times as well. However, the morning after can be quite brutal if you’ve had too much weed consumption or a Weed Hangover.  We are very familiar with […]

Is Shatter Worth It? All You Need To Know About Best Shatter Strains

is shatter worth trying - best shatter strains to try

Around 2010, shatter became increasingly popular as a rich cannabis concentrate. At this time, cannabis concentrates reached their peak popularity among users. The idea of using the best shatter strains or similar concentrates is quite appealing to those looking for something potent. Despite some critics criticizing shatter’s effects for its high THC concentration, shatter remains […]

11 Health Benefits of Cannabis Everyone Should Know

Cannabis, sometimes known as marijuana or weed, is an occasionally contentious plant. It has entered a wide range of sectors and goods thanks to its adaptability and utility, particularly in the medical industry. It has been estimated that people have been using marijuana to treat illnesses for at least 3,000 years. There are numerous health […]

The Definitive Guide To Animal Cookies Strain

Every marijuana strain has something unique to offer, but some stand out slightly more than others. Animal Cookies strain is one of those strains. This hybrid is the perfect balance of Indica and Sativa, making it an excellent choice for any cannabis user.  The THC content is also pretty high, so newbies should approach this […]

What is Moon Rock Weed? How to Smoke it?

Every weed smoker truly knows the feeling of being high. You become so relaxed that your mind feels in a dream-like state. Your sense of time and space starts to change, and you might even get the munchies.  But what if there was a weed strain that was so potent it took your high to […]

How to Make Cannabis Butter for Edibles? A Beginners Guide

Cannabis butter is an efficient way to consume weed if you don’t want to smoke it. It is one of the commonly used ingredients for making homemade edibles. This article will give you a brief idea about cannabis, how to make it, what edibles it can be used in and side effects and safety tips […]

Washington DC Weed Delivery Service

washington dc weed delivery service

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding weed recently, and it seems everyone is hooked on it. The cannabis industry is growing in various dimensions. You’ll find various types of products on the market. There are many ways to purchase these products. Some people simply like to drive to the nearby cannabis dispensary, while […]

4 Cannabis Recipes to Try (Other Than Brownies!)

cannabis recipes to try

If you’re looking for some new cannabis recipes to try, look no further! Here are four recipes that go beyond brownies and cookies. And if you’re in need of high-quality cannabis, look no further than our weed delivery service! Order the finest selection of flower from Farmacy District and start cooking!  For those who love […]